GOT.NET 2012

The .NET Framework from Microsoft is being used with an increasing number of Windows applications. Visual Studio is the most popular programming environment and most of the compiled applications are for .NET. The problem occurs when .NET applications are deployed through autorun on CD’s or DVD’s. If the correct version of .NET is not installed on the computer, the program will fail to run.

Is there a way to detect whch ver­sion of .NET is installed before running your program? Got.NET provides a solution to this problem.

It detects which version of .NET is installed, and then will run a predefined application if the correct version was found. If .NET was not found, another predefined program will be run. This is where you can run the .NET installer.

Got.NET is a native Windows 32-bit application and does not require .NET in order to run. You can even use the software to list which ver­sions of .NET you have installed.


Got.NET 2012 has been tested on Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It should be able to run on any machine that can run the .NET Framework.

Using Got.NET 2012

You can run Got.NET as a Windows GUI applica­tion or through the command line. The GUI method is very straightforward. Once you run it (see Figure 1), it will show you which versions of the .NET Framework is installed. If you press the OK button, the program will exit. If you want to configure op­tions, press the Setup button.

Press the Setup button to specify which files will be run by Got.NET (see image below). If the required version of .NET is installed, Application 1 will be run. If the required .NET is not installed, Application 2 will run. You can check the “Run Application 1 after Application 2 runs” button on if you want App 1 to run after App 2 finishes. Normally, Application 2 is the .NET Framework installation program and you may want to run Application 1 after .NET is installed. This is where you would install the .NET Frame­work if the computer required it. In the example in Figure 2, start.exe will run if .NET is installed. If .NET is not installed, then dotnetfx.exe will be run (which installs .NET) and after its finished, then start.exe will be run which is set by the checkbox. The minimum version of .NET to run start.exe here is 2.0 as indicated by the dropdown list.

Command Line Reference

There is only one command line parameter which Got.NET uses,

gotdotnet [/d] /d – detects which version of .NET is installed and runs either Application 1 or Application 2.

If no parameters are given, a form will be displayed showing which versions of .NET (if any) are installed

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